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What do you use to make pages? For this comic, I soleley use Photoshop Elements.
How old are the characters? Check the character profiles :'>
Is there any videos or anything relating to this comic? Yup! Go to the 'gallery and videos' section to see them.
What era/year is this comic supposed to take place? Haha! It takes place in modern day. the start of the comic is 2009, December~
How is it their last year of school if they're only 15? The story is set in England. They leave secondary school at 16/17, enter college until 18/19 then go to university. (college and uni are different things in England.)
What do you use to color the chapter covers? Or do you color them by hand? To colour, I use photoshop elements 5.0.
Do you draw with a tablet pen or just the mouse? I draw with a tablet pen~
Your character looks like _____ ! ...I'm really sorry, but to be blunt, I don't want to hear it. It's sort of rude to compare characters. If you genuineley think, 100%, I am stealing characters, fine. Otherwise, no. ^^;
how did you think of 123 step? LOL this is a loooong story. Please go here for your question to be answered XD
Hold on, the pages for publishing look really well-done, why don't you put effort into making the webcomic pages too? Because 123s was born as a sketch comic, tbh I didn't expect it to get more than 10 fans lmao XD Plus, if it's a sketch comic then it's easier to make pages quickly and I don't procrastinate about it. Also, in the publish version, I want to give the readers something nice to look at haha XD There's no way I'd publish these sketch pages ;;
You have a typo on this page ____ AH really?? Please pm me if you see any errors, typos, spelling mistakes or w.e TuT;;